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ONE100 PALM – 120 Million AED Villa, Most Expensive Property in Palm Jumeirah

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ONE100 PALM – Ultra Luxury Private Villa
Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Priced at AED 120 million, this home is possibly the most expensive villa on the Palm Jumeirah.

Adorned with luxury in every detail, the brand new contemporary modern villa has been designed by the owner from scratch along with the award-winning architects – SAOTA. The ONE100 spans over 3-floors and has a built-up area of 14,000 sq.ft, sitting within the most sought-after frond on Palm Jumeirah with private beach access, and extraordinary sea views.

This one-in-a-million villa aspires the desire for true luxury in all, with every aspect of the home flawlessly designed and meticulously crafted, And with all things said, a home of this stature has never been seen in the UAE.
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Property listing details:

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  1. Bruno Fernandes

    One of the most beautiful houses i’ve seen. The only problem is having neighbors right next to it. This house deserved to be on a larger private lot, with obviously more privacy.

    1. Mouli Cherukuri

      @Killua Zoldyck y do you need to comment. R u new to YouTube and excited . Here all kinds of people be . Anyone can understand the cost suitability for such property. So sad except you.

    1. Matt Jones

      Carla Dazzi I’ll give him a reason. Dubai is an overpriced artificial diamond crafted by South Asian slave labor and marketed to wealthy Westerners who need a new place to stash and crash. That’s the purpose these homes and towers are geared towards, which are designed for entertaining rather than living. Most of the properties are not ergonomic, which makes them a hard sell. This video explains it all nicely:

  2. Loc Gama

    Somebody tried to copy 924 Belair Rd furniture style and even add the name “one 100” just like “the one” in Cali still it all came out good but that yellow bike is something else 🥴 😬

    1. Kobe A5 Wagyu

      The country also have very little sustainability … Even for a long-term investment there are still many risks, especially when there are too many supplies and little demands, which has caused the real estate prices drop every year.

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