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Luxury Villa (Millionaire Mansion) | No CC | Stop Motion Build | The Sims 4

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Part 2:

💎This is a very modern and luxurious villa in Del Sol Valley.💎

💎 Das ist eine sehr moderne und luxuriöse Villa in Del Sol Valley.💎
🛌 Bedrooms/Schlafzimmer : 3
🚽 Bathrooms/Badezimmer : 2

Lot Size/ Grundstücksgröße: 50×40 (Del Sol Valley)


➡ Use bb.moveobjects on (in build mode) before you place my houses 😊

➡ Benutze bb.moveobjects on (im Baumodus) bevor du meine Häuser platzierst 😊

Note that this video is not especially made for children and is advised for viewers over the age of 13.

1.VNDII – Parallels

2.Cash – Kronos

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  1. Viktoria Po

    I really like your buildings, I enjoy using them in my game. Now my sims live in the house “Modern Autumn” I love this house. And with pleasure I am waiting for your new buildings.

  2. Moonmist blur

    This would be absolutely PERFECT for my sister, she likes the more extravagant houses & she would love this gorgeous house. :] Amazing also because no cc. ~ Thank you!♡ Lots of love from Brazil! & stay safe you & yoir family/friends during these tough times with this corona virus.

  3. VACookie

    I personally love these build because not everyone’s computers or laptops can handle custom content or mods. Plus the expansion packs and the stuff packs offer so much that I feel like I don’t really need custom content. Plus you have cheats like move objects on, and you can unlock debug items. Put that all together and you have beautiful houses like this. I didn’t even know you can make beautiful houses like this in base game. You do amazing builds keep up the great work.

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