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Produced by Benjamin Ortega and Jon Olsson.

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    1. adlabbio

      hey dummy, so you really wait to watch someone cooking in his kitchen?waohhh…My generation got a serious problem with critical mind. If you give a different opinion you are considered either as jealous or hater. I do not envy these rich people and i do not hate.Your perpetual (and fake) positivity is boring and not human. But i leave you to your passion:giving up thumbs to a thousand things and persons that indifferent towards you.

    1. Alexa Chessari

      Try Centauri Honey by Ahmet Eren Cakir , Honey from Turkey , the world’s most expensive honey , if you are fortunate enough to afford It’s high price starting from 3500 Euro kgs to 29000 Euro 😃 Amazing channel , Love ya xxx

    2. Arno

      Yea, Jon house feels cozier, but that’s a question of taste. I personally don’t really care about feeling cozy, I’m more interested into the design of the house. But I guess that’s like cars. Some prefer Lamborghini and others Rolls Royces.

    1. bromz

      Says the guy using google on a PC or smartphone with 100’s of other apps, who probably has a credit card and buys stuff on amazon etc. Privacy does not exist unless you live in the woods with no tech. Amazon knows more about you than you do.. (all those are assumptions of course, you could be using a net cafe pc, that you paid for with cash and covered your face when you entered and left and made a fake account just to post)

    1. Juan L

      Exactly what I have been telling everyone Sini. Rikards wealth can’t even be traced according to journals and nobody knows how he became a billionaire so quickly. I heard he is the king of cocaine drug dealing through all of Europe. Spain is the main entry point.

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