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Due to diaposable income and changing lifestyle of people, there is an increased demand of luxury and ultra luxury homes despite the fluctuations in the real estate market. Various developers are coming up with projects with exclusive amenities and are targeting the ultra rich. The projects are being constructed in a villa format.
Popular developers are trying to woo the ultra rich with their high-end luxury projects. Since India is a growing economy, the real estate of the country is quite optimistic and due to the increase in disposable income, everyone would aspire to have a better living with an opulent lifestyle. The high demand has resulted in the development of a number of luxurious projects.
A research shows that India with a growth rate of 20% is the home to the fastest growing number of the ultra rich individuals in the world. The investment rate of the ultra rich comprises of about 20% and in the past few years, there is an increase of investors with high income. These high paid investors prefer high-end luxurious projects which can match their lifestyle. They either invest in high-end projects situated in the Central Business District (CBD) with a higher rate per square feet or they opt for projects in the suburbs of the city which are designed like that of a villa with features like that of a gated community, exclusive amenities and so on. Foreign housing styles like row houses and villas are gaining popularity in India.
Villas are usually located in the outskirts/suburbs of the cities as they require a large amount of land and they cannot be constructed in the heart of the city. This location aspect of the villa is expected to fetch a huge growth potential with personalised amenities and large space. However, in most of the cities, buyers look for properties within the city for their convenience but as the areas are getting saturated, they are looking for projects which can grant them their space, exclusive amenities and other facilities.
This action is basically practised in metro cities as the other cities lack major markets and also their infrastructure is still in the developing process. However, both small and big cities have seen a rapid urbanisation in the past few decades.
The ultra rich either invest in the readymade villas or get their own luxurious homes constructed. Luxurious villas in all these cities are available with a price range of Rs 5 crore to 15 crore along with an array of features and amenities.

Luxury villas have additional features such as;

well equipped individual parking spaces

 personal swimming pools with infinity edges

pool seats to provide residents with resort-oriented experiences

 privacy and separation

dense landscape planting treatment

 smart intelligent home system

 modern home automation

 web-based protocol

 fully equipped with ultramodern technology and amenities

 contemporary open-plan houses

 large private clubhouse and water bodies (expansive clubhouses with multi-sports facilities, private elevators, exclusive lap pools or jacuzzi, personal spa, state-of-the-art home automation system, motion sensors, self timers, keyless entry and mood lighting


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  1. Rattan Jaswal

    Never trust builders….they use people like MS dhoni, twinkle khanna, Sania Mirza and all sort of influencual people to sell their property….for me if it’s not ready to move ….do not go for it.
    You earn money after lots of Hardship and on the name of dream home these builders get opportunities to take it away and we all remain dependent on builders to keep their promise. It a big risk these days to invest in under-construction property.

    I am not saying this specific builder is like other…but you never know

  2. yashoda chouhan

    Wow!!!!! Amezing project 👍👍 exclusive amenities, and very attractive offer, & discounts ,👍👌 Greenery and peace around this project very very beautifullll views
    जैसे कि “”प्रकृति की गोद में””🤗👌a big thanks to u sanjeev ji, for making n sharing this amezing video,,, have a great day 🙏🌹🌸🌻

  3. Noor Jahan

    Good Morning To you sir, wonderful video….something New….Amazing and Awesome offers Mind blowing, ppp👍👍👍 …Luxurious Farmhouses and Perfect Weeding place…Lovely Feelings….For you 🌹🌹🌹and For video 👌👌👌….GOOD LUCK MR.SANJEEV….STAY SAFE AND STAY HEALTHY.

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