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  1. plumeria66

    Greece has both ancient history and beautiful clean uncrowded beaches. Also perfect weather. Not too hot or cold and no mosquitoes. Nice, warm people. Good food. Not too expensive. The best vacation I’ve ever had in my life. 3 weeks island hopping. I saw ancient temples and sculptures. Other places either lack history and culture, or lack weather and beaches. Greece has it all. I glanced down from my plane window on KLM at the blue Aegean sea and knew I arrived in heaven. I knew I’d die happy even if I never landed. My experience in Greece was like stepping into the mists of time, into another era, another millennium. Nowhere else can compare.

  2. David Bruce

    I hope that Greece does not turn into a luxury resort nation, like Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand or Dubai. This would mark a huge vulgarisation of the country and will really destroy its charms. Greece is one of the few places in the Mediterranean where there are parts of the coastline and islands villa and hotel free. Go along the Turkish and Spanish coasts or the French and Italian Revieras and it is wall-to-wall luxury hotels and villas. Developers have had some hard times in Greece because of hostility from locals from rising property and other prices. Many small landowners and farmers have been forced to sell their lands. I know in the still unspoilt south of Crete they have put up a brave fight. Under austerity Greece has been under enormous pressure to allow in developers. Visit Greece. But say in small local hotels. Eat the local food, you are helping keep the charm of Greece, and well, help keeping Greece, Greece.

  3. Icy Brown

    Looked up some of the hotels you have listed (designed by Tuttle) – this guy must have studied the ancient cultures, or at least the ancient regional/national architecture in (really real) depth, all of the hotels make you feel like you are a time traveller visiting the particular culture at the time it existed. If the modern dressed people were not there, you could literally think that you’re dreaming. Stunning works of art!

  4. Christos Christoff

    Breathtaking architecture! Captures all the splendour, refined beauty and finesse of the Ancient Greek spirit. Those brilliant marble collonades and the marble columns as one enters the breathtaking Amanzoe library reflect the splendour of Ancient Greece. The unparalleled symmetry- a concept the ancient Greeks invented. Magnificent!! This is a palace wherein the Gods can now walk the earth! With the discrete scent of jasmine and Gardinia permeating the breezes and the gorgeous bright red flowers of the Bougainvillea, the memorable olive trees surviving with endurance along the ages, as old as the Gods themselves…..!
    Glad I found your amazing channel.

    1. the Luxury Travel Expert

      I am looking forward to the opening of the Los Cabos (Mexico) Aman property, which will be called Amanvari. The photos released by the Aman group look stunning! And of course, I am also very curious about their soon to open Manhattan hotel 🙂

  5. Lee Maitland

    My jaw was on the floor, what an amazing place! And an incredible video, I just looked down at the timer and there is still 40 minutes to go! Your videos inspire me to push on and get to a point where being in a place like this is possible, please continue to do them exactly as you are! Many thanks

    1. Haoua Mamoudou

      @the Luxury Travel Expert I am always amazed by the smoothness of your shots. Do you use a handheld stabilizer? It would be great one day if you could do a video on how you prepare yourself for shoots and traveling. Thanks for making us dream a little.

  6. Veil Diamond

    I’m very fascinated by this resort ! I’ve never seen such a magical resort before..
    This hotel reminds me of an ancient kingdom (though I never actually see the ancient kingdom,
    but I alwatys had imagined from the movie or book. Fantasy into Reality~*)

  7. Nestor Mercado

    I wish I could visit all the AMAN resort one day!

    I’ve seen almost all the videos and I am so intrigued by the fact that no one is never swimming on the beaches, they’re all outstanding landscapes and Paradise beaches but no one is never in the sea, probably it’s due to the time the clip it’s been recorded

  8. Angelfeather100

    Absolutely HEAVENLY. I’ve been enjoying your posts for a while now. It is wonderful to be able to hop from a luxury hotel to another, from a continent to another. Watching your posts, it feels like being part of your travels and experiences, it fills me up with beauty and calm and opulence. Your clips are also soothing, relaxing. And yes, I envy you for being able to taste all these wonders! 😉☺️

  9. Steven Hill

    Wow that is spectacular. I am a huge Greek Mythology nerd & watching this video made me emotional for some reason. Especially when you entered the library. The entire property that you shown us is beautiful. Reminds me of what Mt. Olympus would look like. If you’re a fan of the game God of War then you’ll understand what I mean when I say it’s very similar. I cannot wait to vacation here someday. Thank you so much for sharing this. If I were there, I would soak up the rich history as much as possible. Awesome video, as always. I’m in love with this one.

  10. Mia

    This resort is magnificent!! Everything is so satisfying to look at and made me feel so calm and relaxed from just looking at this video (love how you are not rushing and show everything). Imagine the peace you’ll feel beeing there😍😍

  11. Mónica Fernández

    What a beautiful temple! Amanzoe is impressive through the lens of your camera! Thank you very much for showing us a true relaxing and calming Resort in Greece! Can’t wait to stay there a few nights! The gaze from the pool is missing! 🙂 I love this refreshing moment! Thank you so much for allowing us to travel from home. Best regards.

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