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10 Marla House Design | Luxury House in India | 250 Gaj Duplex House Design Panchkula | Home Tour

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10 Marla House Design | Luxury House in India | 250 Gaj Duplex House Design Panchkula | Home Tour
This video is about 10 Marla house designs which is also a luxury house in India. This luxury house made in 250 gaj with the best interior design is made in a prime location of Panchkula. The interior of this house is in luxury in nature. This is having a fountain, lift, and Jacuzzi and the best part of this house is that this is in the Prime location of Panchkula. The best house tour of a luxury house in India with the best interior design of the duplex villa. This duplex villa which is also a luxury house has all Italian marble and a fully equipped modular kitchen. This luxury villa is extra ordinary in every aspect of luxury.

This video includes
a) 10 Marla House design
b) Duplex House Design Indian Style
c) 250 Square yards of house design
d) 250 Gaj house design
e) Duplex villa Interior design designs
f) latest modern houses
g) best house designs in India
h) Home Tour in India
I) House Tour
j) 250 Gaj Duplex Villa in Panchkula
k) Luxury Villa in Panchkula
l) Best 10 marla house design
m) Luxury house in India
n) Best luxury house tour

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Hello Friends
My name is Anshul Bansal
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My YouTube channel is all about a visit to an actual sample flat which is having an ultra-modern lifestyle and furniture and has the best false ceiling designs and apartments and villas home interior designs. You can get the best ideas by watching my videos on interiors to make your home a dream home.
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  1. Yog Dhian Chakraverti

    अंशुल जी,
    देखकर बहुत ही अच्छा लगा। आपने इसमें कमरों के साइज वगैरा बताए हैं जॉब के बहुत ही अच्छे लगे पहले आप पहले आप साइज वगैरा नहीं बताया करते थे इस बार आपने प्लॉट का साइज भी बताया है इसी तरह अगर आप प्लॉट का थोड़ा सा स्केच भी दिखा दे तो ठीक आईडिया लगा सकते हैं पिछली बार भी मैं आपसे स्केच के बारे में कहा था अगर किसी तरह स्केच दिखा सके प्लाट की बिल्डिंग का पूरा आइडियल लग सकता है बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद

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